Where are we with the Neighbourhood Plan?

Since the end of March, progress on the Neighbourhood Plan has been largely taking place behind the scenes, so we thought we'd update on what's been happening.

  • Interest has continued in the Forum, and around 5 new members have approached us to join. Joining is made simple using the online form or contact us for a paper form.
  • In May Tom was invited to a 'focus group' at the DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government). It was a gathering of Neighbourhood Forums from around the country who were at various stages with their plans- some finished, some at even earlier stages than ours. What we had in common was that we were all from what they described as 'deprived urban areas'- OK so they admitted that was a  bit of stereotyping, but the point is that Neighbourhood Plans are easier to develop in small towns and villages than in city neighbourhoods. It was good to hear the experience of others who had gone through the process- generally the feedback was that it is tough but well worth doing.
  • Nottingham City Council planners have been working away to create a Neighbourhood Plan boundary map. This needs to be very precisely drawn so that it follows property boundaries and roads, exactly defining what is inside and what is outside the area.
  • A meeting has been called with the local Councillors and the Neighbourhood Development teams of the proposed plan areas by the Nottingham City Planning team. They want to ensure that everyone is up to speed with what's going on and we hope to continue the positive conversations we've had so far.

We'll try to post more feedback from the DCLG meeting and the upcoming meeting with the Planners and Councillors, in the meantime here are links to a couple of the urban neighbourhood plan groups that we met:

Somers Town Neighbourhood Plan (London)

Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan (Leeds)

There are now over 1000 Neighbourhood Plans underway in the country, check out this map of the areas and their current status!

Soon we should be moving into the formal public consultation stage on the Plan area. Watch this space for an updates!