Update: Research project underway

Eighteen Architecture students from Nottingham Trent University are conducting a research project in Sneinton. They have completed hundreds of observations on 'transect walks' across the area. Around 2o interviews have also been conducted with local residents and workers. 

The results are being brought together through an online map. This will be published at the end of the project, and used as evidence for the Neighbourhood Plan.

Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum members and locals have been very generous with their time. Following our appeal for help, several have already come forward to take part in the research. Their local knowledge has been invaluable to the researchers. 

If you would like to take part in this research, please get in touch with Tom Hughes*:

Phone/text 07751958003 or email tom.hughes@ntu.ac.uk

*(SNF board member and NTU senior lecturer)