The Pro Bono Society help the community to understand Neighbourhood Planning and the Localism Act

My name is Steve Smith and I am a Senior Community Organiser operating in Sneinton and Bakersfield. The first time I became aware of the Pro Bono Society was when I had a chance encounter with Demi Mcintosh at a volunteer forum.  Demi explained how the Pro Bono Society work.  What was of particular interest was the project to teach communities aspects of “street law”.

  This was the concept of finding out areas relating to law that communities struggled to comprehend.  The team would then carry out research before doing a presentation (in simple terms) at a local centre.  

My team felt this was a great idea and asked Demi and her team to research Neighbourhood Planning and the Localism act, as Sneinton is in the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan but many residents didn’t understand what it was all about. 

The presentation was delivered at the 'Your Sneinton' Community Learning and Networking event.

The Pro Bono Society presentation by Demi and her colleagues was fun and engaging, and delivered in a way that was easy to understand by all.  In the past, I have been to professional presentations covering Neighbourhood Planning and Localism and in my opinion the presentation given was as informative as the professional ones I had attended.  To be honest I was amazed at how much they had learnt in such a short space of time. The event was a huge success and I believe that the Pro Bono Society were instrumental in that.

Photos by Paul Boast