Proposed Neighbourhood Plan area and Neighbourhood Forum submitted

The first formal step in creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Sneinton has been completed today: the submission of the proposed neighbourhood area to the local planning authority for designation. 

The following were submitted in the area application:

  • a map identifying the proposed neighbourhood area
  • a statement explaining why the area is appropriate to be designated as a neighbourhood area
  • a statement explaining that the body making the area application (the neighbourhood forum) is capable of being a qualifying body

The following were submitted in the forum application:

  • the name and written constitution for the proposed neighbourhood forum
  • the name of the neighbourhood area to which the forum relates and a map identifying the area
  • contact details for the proposed neighbourhood forum 
  • a statement explaining how the proposed neighbourhood forum meets legal requirements

The local planning authority will now consider the application and design and implement a 6-week consultation process before considering whether to designate the area and forum. 

Watch this space for more details of the consultation coming up!