Our Sneinton: Your Forum

The ‘Our Sneinton’ Project has helped spread the word about Neighbourhood Planning in support of Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum. The energy and enthusiasm among local people to have their say on improving quality of life in Sneinton have really shone out.

There is a real appetite for community activism in Sneinton, however fighting immediate problems absorbs much of the energy, and forward planning takes a lower priority. In common with many urban areas we have to recognize that people have less capacity for direct involvement in developing a Neighbourhood Plan compared to a ‘leafy suburb’ or village.

Ironically of course, we need to plan ahead to tackle the big challenges we face: isolation, community cohesion, health, economic prospects and wellbeing can all be improved by better community ownership of the neighbourhood, improved buildings and better public spaces. A Neighbourhood Plan is really needed.

Tom Hughes, Steering Group member of the Forum said: “Our Sneinton has helped identify the community’s diversity, and multitude of differing needs. We now have a clearer picture of the geographical and political patchwork of Sneinton, which naturally makes it difficult for people to think in terms of ‘area wide’ solutions.

“That said, a lot of work on building cohesion has already been done, the foundations of a Neighbourhood Plan have been laid, and a clear roadmap has been produced for our future work. Thank you Our Sneinton!”

Above: Sneinton patchwork, by Laura Alvarez