Old School Hall meeting packed with hopes, fears and ideas...

The Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum hosted meeting on Monday 12th September saw a strong turn out, with over 60 people from across the community coming together to hear from the Council, The Renewal Trust and the Community Centre Committee. The Council set out their reasons for closing the Old School Hall and considering it's demolition, should a funded and viable proposal not come forward to save it. A statement from the Sneinton Old School Hall Community Association Committee was also read out (see documents below).

After hearing the information and a Q&A session during which a number of different visions for the future were put forward, a 'world cafe' style discussion took place to discuss ideas and what the community could bring to the project.

A great deal of information and ideas were generated, a summary of which has been put together - see documents below.

What Happens next?

A follow up meeting

is needed where, as a community, we can consider the feasibility of the ideas that have been put forward. We can also look at how we can work together to move things on. Monday evenings were identified as the most popular option for future meetings by those who attended. Therefore the next meeting will be:

Monday 26th September at 6.30 pm
Sneinton Hermitage Community Centre
Sneinton Boulevard/Hermitage Square

This will be an open meeting: Anyone with an interest in the Old School Hall and the local area is welcome. If you would like more information, please email sneintonneighbourhoodforum@gmail.com

Update: Report and minutes from the 26th September meeting.

2 responses
There is no mention of the proposed "Electric Tourist Bus" using the Car Park as a Hub.
Good point David, thanks for raising this. I think you're refering to the Remourban project, this is from the NTU website: "The project will establish a Touristlink bus service using two electric vehicles on a proposed circular route from Wollaton Hall to Green's Mill via Nottingham Castle and Nottingham Contemporary. The electricity to recharge the buses can be supplied by Enviroenergy, powered by burning the city's waste, representing further carbon savings of around 40% compared to conventional diesel buses." http://www4.ntu.ac.uk/apps/research/groups/6/ho... The car park will be a real 'heritage gateway' to the area, so it is of great importance that the Old School Hall (or it's site, should it be demolished eventually) is appropriately developed.