Can you lend your local knowledge to contribute to our Neighbourhood Plan?

Forum members and friends are invited to help:

Sneinton residents and people who work in the area are being invited to join a group from Nottingham Trent University as they help the Forum research the area. The info they gather will add to the case for our Neighbourhood Plan:

 "We are a group of students at Nottingham Trent University who, under the guidance of Tom Hughes, are undertaking a research project to aid in the preparation of your Sneinton Neighbourhood Plan. We are going to be looking specifically at the topic of People, Power and Planning within the local community.

 "As primary research we are going to do a series of walks across Sneinton, this in our view being the best way to get to know the area and get a sense of what it is like to live in Sneinton. We will be asking local residents and passers-by some questions and we would like to invite any of your members to join us on the walk, to help us learn about the area and to point things out to us along the way. 

"If the idea of a walk doesn’t appeal to all, a simple chat at a nearby café would be much appreciated (Drinks are on us!)

 "We look forward to hearing back from you soon"

If you would like to take part in this research and help build the plan, please get in touch with Tom Hughes (SNF board member and NTU senior lecturer):

Phone 07751958003 or email

Thank you!

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Count me in!
Thank you David, it's great to get an instant and positive response! You will be involved, and if you know of others interested please let them know too? Thank you!