Next steps: Developing the Sneinton Neighbourhood Plan

Exciting times for the Sneinton Neighbourhood as we move into the Neighbourhood Plan production stage. We need input and ideas from across Sneinton, so please join the Forum or get in touch now!

Now we have a Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum officially recognised and a plan area designated (see "Thumbs up for the Forum"), we can start work on the development of the Plan itself. We have quite a bit of the required background work as a result of our efforts to define the plan area and recruit Forum members, now we need to turn this into specific planning policies and identify priority projects - these will make up the meat of the Neighbourhood Plan itself.

We're delighted to announce a partnership with Laura Alvarez, an researcher and urban designer at the University of Nottingham (see more about her below). We are also working with Sneinton Alchemy to secure funding for their Community Organisers to support the Forum and carry out listening-based consultations.

A bit about Laura:

  • Laura graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of La Plata, Argentina.
  • She worked as a consultant for local authorities, planning and delivering regeneration projects and writing local design codes and guides. 
  • She worked nationally and internationally as a founding member and Vice-President of a charity dedicated to the preservation of the local heritage. 
  • Since immigrating to the United Kingdom in January 2002, Laura worked for various commercial firms and became the Urban Design Group East Midlands Convenor in 2008, and a Recognised Practitioner in Urban Design in 2009. 
  • Laura is now a PhD candidate researching socially sustainable urban design at the University of Nottingham. She is also a lecturer at the Nottingham Trent University’s School of Architecture. In 2015 Laura joined OPUN Design East Midlands Expert Panel, and became a Local Host Coordinator at NTU for Place Alliance.

If you see Laura around the area, please say hello! She has already over the summer produced a draft place assessment for the Forum Steering Group, having walked virtually all of our streets and by-ways to observe how the area is structured and how it works. The purpose of this is to identify key areas where positive development is needed and where current planning policy is ineffective. 

Laura is also working with the Community Organiser team at Sneinton Alchemy to identify the social value of spaces and places- recognising that it's not just about what the professionals see as important, but what local people know and understand about the real workings of neighbourhoods. Sometimes, the bits of town that locals see as important are not given the priority they should be in urban planning- but we want our Neighbourhood Plan to be different.

Exciting times are ahead, and it's super important that we hear from anyone who lives and works locally and who is is interested in the future of the area. If that's you please do JOIN THE FORUM or GET IN TOUCH.

Your neighbourhood needs you!