New Date: Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum AGM 2015

We are pleased to announce a new date for the 2015 AGM:

Tuesday 17th February
From 6pm at One BC clothing
9 Gedling Street,
Sneinton Market

Light refreshments will be served before the meeting, which starts promptly at 6.30pm. Many thanks to Forum members One BC for hosting us!

The last AGM saw a great turn out and a lively debate, we hope that our members and any one interested in the future of Sneinton will attend to get involved and have their say. Please spread the word!

Update: 27th Jan Forum AGM postponed

Due to a date clash with the Sneinton Tenants and Residents Association (STARA) January meeting, we are looking for a new date for the AGM and will confirm as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience!

In the meantime here's a picture of a winter sunrise over Sneinton...

Setting boundaries AND building bridges

Neighbourhood Forums are all about bringing together residents, local businesses, elected Councillors and the Council planning officers to work collaboratively on a Neighbourhood Plan. This deals with local planning issues, sitting alongside and complementing the higher-level planning policies of the Council and national planning policy. The idea is to build bridges in what can be a conflict-filled planning and development system. 

Find out how it works by watching our intro video- just 7 minutes of your time! Also, why not come along to our AGM on 27th Jan 2015 to have a chat with Forum members and see if you want to get involved.

Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum is busy building bridges- with a membership made up of residents, local businesses and community groups, and two local Councillors (joining is easy). However, one of the difficult first steps is to set up a boundary- to define where the influence of the Neighbourhood Plan and Forum starts and ends.

The Forum's steering group have just learnt from the city planners that the Council intend to exclude two large areas from the proposed Neighbourhood Plan boundary- 

Forum facing a major test and needs your support

The first major hurdle for a Neighbourhood Forum is to get approval from the Council, so we really need our members, friends and supporters to rally round and help us through this. 

The Council is currently holding a consultation as part of their decision making process as to whether they will allow the Forum to go ahead and make a Neighbourhood Plan for Sneinton.

You can make your voice heard UNTIL MONDAY 13th OCTOBER by completing the Council's consultation form.

NIMBYs or SWIMBYs? Why Neighbourhood Plans should be packed with positive ideas.

Rob Hopkins of the Transition Network says he's proud to be a SWIMBY. You may be familiar with the term NIMBY, used to characterise someone who will campaign against any changes in their local area, even if the think the changes are a generally good idea ("yes we need more houses, just not where I can see them"). NIMBY stands for 'Not In My Back Yard!'

SWIMBYs however campaign against bad developments, support good ones and try to make those with promise better: 'Something Wonderful In My Back Yard!'